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maryinmonmouthshire's Podcast

Mary in Monmouthshire is a historical broadcast detailing ancient, secret and Catholic places often hidden away in Monmouthshire or the ancient kingdom of Gwent, Ergyng (South Hereford) and places visited by Mary who travels around in Cornwall and France. There is also a place for ancient hagiographies of saints conected with Monmouthshire and Caerleon-for example St David's hermitage in the Black Mountains near Llanthony, and its 19th centure apparition of the Virgin Mary.

Mar 3, 2008

The Original account of the Life of the Holy Saint David of Wales. The thwarted mission of Patrick, the Prophecy and the Stag, the Bees and the fish, the conception of David by the nun St Non and King Sandde of Camarthen (Ceredigion) St Gildas loses the power of preaching, the Birth of David and the thunderstorm. Upbringing and education and the miracles . This is part one, which finishes the night before the big showdown with Boya the Scot and his wife and lascivious daughters,

Brilliant results for Cwmbran at the Urdd St David's Day Eisteddfod at Pontypool as Cwmbran and Newport Children go through to the final in Conwy in the summe.

A Pontifical Mass (Tridentine) at St David's Cathedral in Cardiff on May 18th at 11am.

A new Lourdes Grotto at Tredegar with an Apostolic Blessing for anyone who goes there and prays for the world and for all thouse suffering sikness.

Part Two Next week!