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maryinmonmouthshire's Podcast

Mary in Monmouthshire is a historical broadcast detailing ancient, secret and Catholic places often hidden away in Monmouthshire or the ancient kingdom of Gwent, Ergyng (South Hereford) and places visited by Mary who travels around in Cornwall and France. There is also a place for ancient hagiographies of saints conected with Monmouthshire and Caerleon-for example St David's hermitage in the Black Mountains near Llanthony, and its 19th centure apparition of the Virgin Mary.

Sep 10, 2008

Benedictine Vespers for the Nativity of Our Lady of Tintern, at Tintern Abbey on Sunday  7th September 2008. Abbot Aidan Bellenger gave a wonderful, heavenly homily, Singers were Sr Emma Joy SSC and Susan Williams. Final Prayers by Archbitshop Peter. Sorry I messed up the Lords Prayer in a different setting ! Hope you...

Sep 8, 2008

An afternoon with eminent Welsh historian and heritage officer of Blaenau Gwent, Frank Olding, who was a foundt of information, I try my hand at my school Welsh Again, This foundation happened after a serious battele wbetween the Welsh and the Anglo Saxons, when the Saxons wiped out the whole royal family of Powys,...