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maryinmonmouthshire's Podcast

Mary in Monmouthshire is a historical broadcast detailing ancient, secret and Catholic places often hidden away in Monmouthshire or the ancient kingdom of Gwent, Ergyng (South Hereford) and places visited by Mary who travels around in Cornwall and France. There is also a place for ancient hagiographies of saints conected with Monmouthshire and Caerleon-for example St David's hermitage in the Black Mountains near Llanthony, and its 19th centure apparition of the Virgin Mary.

Jun 2, 2008

Staffs and scallop shells, rosaries, ampullae as pilgrims come from all over South Wales arrive at the Mediaeval Shrine and Well of Our Lady of Penrhys in the Rhondda.We drive right up to the top of the mountains and I am very scared-the last time it was in fog and we did not see the drop!!Bishop Daniel Mullins of Menevia and Rosary and Benediction.Intention of the Pilgrimage for fallen away Catholics to return to the church. A cosy and endearing pilgrimage.People recount local miracles and Lawrence O'Leary about his special message from Our Lady at Medugorje.


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