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maryinmonmouthshire's Podcast

Mary in Monmouthshire is a historical broadcast detailing ancient, secret and Catholic places often hidden away in Monmouthshire or the ancient kingdom of Gwent, Ergyng (South Hereford) and places visited by Mary who travels around in Cornwall and France. There is also a place for ancient hagiographies of saints conected with Monmouthshire and Caerleon-for example St David's hermitage in the Black Mountains near Llanthony, and its 19th centure apparition of the Virgin Mary.

Jun 13, 2008

Sixth century Wales as the British chieftains fight it out, St Anna of Gwent brings her son Tryddin to the Valley to begin a monastery, later enlarged and cleared possibly by Cadocs. Secrets of the Monks rituals in purifying the land. My visit to the present Church accompanied by the engaging Canon PIppin who guided and explained what I saw.Some prayers from St Cadocs time. The Haunted Bell of Trevethin and the mysrtery of the burial of St Cadoc.....was the saint buried at Trevethin or Mamhilad?


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